Harris Tweed - Behind the Orb

We feel privileged to offer the widest selection of 'Harris Tweed' as part of our heritage collections.

Whether we tailor the cloth into our superbly sartorial suits or created bespoke accessories and bags, the history of iconic 'Harris Tweed' is something we weave into everything we do.


'Harris Tweed' is the only cloth in the world with a unique provenance preserved by an Act of Parliament and protected by the world famous Orb Mark, certified by the Harris Tweed Authority*.

The yarns are dyed, spun and produced at the mill but the cloth itself can only be hand woven by crofters in homes across the islands of Lewis and Harris. These raw bolts are then taken to be finished and checked for quality back at the mill.


Every metre of cloth is certified with the famous Orb Mark and guaranteed to be genuine 'Harris Tweed' of the highest quality and craftsmanship*.

As well as being natural, biodegradable, non-allergenic and water-repellant, 'Harris Tweed' is energy efficient to create and beautiful, durable and practical to use*.


If you have a 'Harris Tweed' garment in your wardrobe you can guarantee it will clothe you in compliments for years to come.

Through working together with the Harris Tweed Hebrides Mill and Harris Tweed Authority we continue to bring the best out of this iconic fabric and everything it stands for, by making Bucktrout garments of the finest quality.

*Harris Tweed Authority Brand Guidelines 2014